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Careers @ Logan Parlor

Established Stylists

We work with stylists at every level to give your career new life. You will have the opportunity to earn as a commission service provider while also benefiting from one-to-one coaching with a Logan Parlor educator. This unique on-boarding process has a proven track record in our company. We know that it is hard to find the right fit, and we are eager to provide a professional, supportive environment for you while you write a new chapter in your career. Apply today to grow your career!

Associate Training Program

The plan we have designed, in conjunction with Summit Salon Business Center, The Associate Training Program: an 8-10 month intense mentoring and comprehensive educational program that creates a strong foundation for new stylist development. It is a paid-position, specifically designed to develop & polish new Cosmetology school graduates. Once the program is completed, that individual will be fully prepared to go on the Salon floor as a Level 1 Stylist.

Why the Associate Training Program

In a recent study by Summit Salon Business Center (who manages more than 600 Salons throughout the United States), Cosmetologists graduating from this program (on average) earn $10,000 more in their first complete year of working on the floor as a stylist, than those 1st year Cosmetologists who went directly on the floor upon receiving their Cosmetology license. Not just $10,000 a year more, but nearly $10,000 a year more every year after!

The Associate Program is a step-by-step system for stylists at any level that helps you become a top-notch hair dresser and a sharp businessperson. Our associates work one-on-one with a dedicated services provider to grow into a career hairdresser. It prepares you for a sustainable career by giving you the knowledge and tools necessary to keep moving forward when others are giving up.

Career-Changing Benefits of the Associate Program

If you’re not convinced that you need the Associate Program for salon success, consider these benefits.

1. Quality Training
The Associate Program is a “proven system with proven results.” It goes above and beyond other training programs, equipping you for real-world work and success.

2. Career Security
With quality training comes security in your new career. You’ll learn practical techniques to run your styling business in the best and most efficient way possible. Then, you can apply what you’ve learned and watch your success.

3. Higher Pay
Nobody wants to work their tails off for pennies. Historically, stylists are known for working long days and even longer nights. But, when you receive a high level of education, you’re more qualified to advance in your salon career. The Associate Program guarantees you better pay – enough to support your family for years after you complete it.

4. Connecting With A Mentor
We all need someone to turn to when things get tough. With the Associate Program, you can work with an experienced, successful mentor who will guide and encourage you along the way. This mentor has gone through all the challenges of the hairdressing business. They can give you the support and knowledge you need to succeed.

5. Flexibility And Balance
Work/life balance is incredibly important, especially for stylists. Instead of working crazy hours and never having a moment to yourself, get the training you need from the Associate Program to achieve a more flexible work situation.